Rylie – Wrestling Warrior!

Time to chime in about our grandson, Rylie Bartel, Wrestling Warrior Extraordinaire!


Rylie Bartel has been wrestling now for five years. Rylie has been in the sport since he was in prekindergarten or only four years old. He is now eight years old. Rylie’s parents wanted him to get into a sport where he could focus his energy in a positive way.  The first few years he wrestled to see if he even enjoyed it.  Since then he has only excelled and now just loves the sport.  Each of the past four years, Rylie qualified for state tournament in Grand Rapids, MN. He placed second in his first year, first in his second year, and second in his third year. We will see how Rylie does this coming April.


Every time Rylie wins by pinning his opponent, he receives a pin to add to his collection. Rylie now has 64 pins.What a cute idea!

IMG_20190312_155223_011        IMG_20190312_155242_011

Like most athletes, Rylie has his good days and bad days when wrestling. His parents are very proud of him no matter what, because Rylie always gets back up and tries again.


Rylie’s family attends his matches and support him. This includes Aubree, Rylie’s little five year old sister. Aubree attends the practices and cheers for Rylie during his matches.


Aubree has a shirt she often wears; it says, Wrestling Sister on the front and I have no life because my brother wrestles, on the back. At practices, Aubree runs drills or does some gymnastics. When Aubree decides to become a gymnast, Rylie can return the favor and attend her practices and cheer her on. Here’s a picture of Rylie’s trophy wall. Pretty impressive for an eight year old boy.


Rylie’s teammates, The Braham Warriors, are like one big family. Even though the boys wrestle each other in practice, they are all friends when off the mat. Even some of the kids from other schools become friends after wrestling each other so frequently.

There are two boys Rylie has yet to beat although he is very determined to do just that. Rylie has become friends with one of the boys but that will not deter him when he has another opportunity to wrestle him.


The wrestling season runs from December to April. There is also summer wrestling but Rylie loves to do other activities, mostly outdoor, like hunting and fishing or swimming in his pool. Rylie also loves ice fishing and camping out with the family and just being a kid.

After a busy day of wrestling for Rylie and gymnastics for Aubree, it’s time for some well-deserved rest.


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Becky’s Custom Ears

Let me introduce you to Becky’s Custom Ears. Beautiful designs at affordable prices.


Hi! Let me tell you a little about myself, I am a Phoenix native, and aside from about an 8 year stay in Chicago, I moved back to Phoenix so I could get married to a great guy. We started the whole marriage and family thing a little later in life then most of my friends, so we got married in 2010 and then at 35, in 2013 I had my beautiful daughter, and at 38, in 2016 I had my cutie patootie son. I have been a Veterinary Technician for 18 years!! I LOVE what I do and I LOVE animals.

Sunflower Sun

In the summer of 2017 we took our first family trip to Disneyland, my daughter was 4 at the time and my son had just turned one. I was overwhelmed with emotion the whole trip, I cried at everything, a mixture of being proud that we worked so hard to make the trip happen and seeing it in the moment was overwhelming. We did a 3 day hopper pass with a beach day in between and the pure joy my daughter had just being there despite the summer crowds was worth EVERY SWEAT EARNED PENNY!! ( Little man was in sensory heaven!) I think 4 to 5 years old is a perfect age for a first time trip, because she remembers everything and I couldn’t wait to get back….and so the planning began.

Jack and Sally - Black Bow

So after the trip I started to follow all kinds of bloggers and enthusiast groups just to get a touch of magic everyday, and my kids love watching the POV You Tube videos of the rides at Disney as well as Parades, even more so then actual Disney movies.


I wanted to make something fun for my daughter to wear for our next trip to Disney ( mommy/daughter trip) which was November 2018 to celebrate her great start in Kindergarten! I started by catching a video on Facebook that made it look pretty simple, then followed up by watching crafting videos on a day off from work, literally dozens of videos… so I decided to give it a whirl and started with my “Rapunzel” inspired set ,  Which I called “Let your hair down” then “Ariel” which I called “Dinglehopper” as those are her favorite princesses at the moment, and after all the support I got from my friends and family and inspiration I got from Pinterest and Etsy and other crafter’s I couldn’t stop!! I started sketching ideas and piecing samples together and truly just LOVE doing it. I am still learning and perfecting techniques so I may not be as fast as other crafter’s that also do it, and I don’t do it full time but that is why I try to keep my prices low and just stay local by advertising thru social media outlets like Facebook. I have even found myself as a vendor at some local festivals and events!


It’s a great way to keep my excitement for Disney going and help fund more trips to that magical place.  By no means is the profit allowing me to quit my career as a Vet Tech,( I do love my job) but it has given me a little extra pixie dust in my pocket to give my kids the best life I can😍


Feel free to check out pictures of all my work and find me at my next vendor event in the

Phoenix area at  www.facebook.com/beckyscustomears

Instagram @beckyscustomears

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New Cover for Deadly Pranks

I’ve never been happy with the covers I’ve tried for Deadly Pranks. I first tried a cemetery picture then a hand rising up from a body of water. Then I tried a forest with a picture of some hands hanging onto a tree with bloody fonts. Finally, I decided to find some help from a designer.

Here’s the new, and final, picture.

thumb 2-14-19

This cover captures some of the content of the actual book including a revolver, an old barn and boys with their hands tied.

Deadly Pranks is a story about four teenagers, Jake, Kenny, Pete and Tony, life-long friends, growing up in idyllic Kirtland, Ohio. Like other teenagers, the boys enjoy playing football, baseball and camping out. However, the four boys also enjoy playing pranks around the neighborhood. The pranks start off innocently enough but soon escalate. Eventually their mischief crosses the line when a local farmer and family man suffers a fatal heart attack.Vowing revenge, the daughters of the farmer discover the names and addresses of all four boys and wait to spring their trap.

While on a camping trip, the boys are awakened and kidnapped at gunpoint. They are blindfolded and placed in dog cages to wait out their punishment. The boys endure torture as well as sleep and food deprivation by their captors. The boys quickly realize they must get away and finally have a chance to execute their escape plan.

Here’s the link to the Amazon eBook https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MDQ74PN We also have a paperback here https://www.amazon.com/dp/1982980664

We are in the process of building a hard cover book and audio book. The hard cover is finished and I the proof should be shipping soon. The audio book will be narrated by a former DJ and radio host. I can’t wait until we receive the finished product. We are available on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/dcrushbooks and Twitter http://www.twitter.com/dcrushbooks

We hope you enjoy Deadly Pranks. Please visit our website http://www.dcrushbooks.com for more information and all purchasing links.


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