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This is my first attempt to write a blog. I’m certainly new to all this “Social Media” and there is much I just don’t understand. Writing the book was the easy part. I wrote the children’s story well over a year ago and completed it the day our grandson Rylie was born. The story sat on my computer for nearly a year. My family persuaded me to self-publish on Amazon Kindle. We found Kaui, a talented illustrator living right here in Arizona. Kaui designed our cover and once everything looked good, we published the book at Amazon Kindle. We sold a few eBooks here and there. Not too many but I was proud of myself for accomplishing something I thought I would never do, publish a children’s book.

Then my ego got the better of me. After a few pretty good reviews and some additional prompting by friends and family, I decided to publish on a paperback. We formatted the book for paperback and published on Createspace. Family and friends loved the book and we sold a few copies.

Here are some of the other things we have completed.

Built a Website (, Facebook page, Twitter account, Linkedin, WordPress Blog, Pinterest  Librarythings, and Goodreads page. That’s a lot of social networking! Then everything needs to be linked together, took some time. By now I decided that the story book was incomplete and the birds had much more to tell the world so I wrote the second book. Now of course Kaui needs to come up with a spectacular cover for book two which she is working on right now.

I’ve decided to try and find someone to review the book. There are not that many professional reviews that work on children’s books. Most of the reviewers do YA or Romance, Mystery, Science Fiction sort of books. We found Susan Keefe from Linkedin. Susan read and reviewed the book and gave us a wonderful review. So now I’m pumped up again so we decide to advertise. We spent money on Facebook advertising, and Tweeting Services. Nada, nothing, zilch, we didn’t sell a thing. We talked about our options and decided we didn’t really care if the book sold or not. We knew from the start we were not going to make any money at this but we were enjoying working on these projects. Deep down, we really hope a child out there enjoys reading the book as much as we did writing it.

Now book two is nearly published. Last night I started writing book three. We have plans to write about ten stories about the birds that began their travels in Ohio one year ago.

Like I said, writhing the story was the easy part. Social networking and marketing are extremely difficult and time consuming. All I can say is what I use to tell my staff – stay the course!


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3 Responses to New Blogger Here

  1. sharann says:

    Congrats on writing your books and breaking into blogging! It’s hard to get noticed in a sea of writers, bloggers, etc. I’m an unpublished picture book writer and have been blogging for a few months now. I enjoy it, but half the time I think I do it to help me work up the courage to submit my picture book manuscripts someday. Good luck to you on your journey!

  2. dcrushbooks says:

    I totally understand. Will people like your book or will they criticize you? That’s the question that kept me from self-publishing for about a year. Finally I gave in and did it. We have received several pretty good reviews and one not so great review. Still, the second book is almost ready and I started on the third. I’m doing this to leave something for the kids and grand kids. I just wish we could sell a few books to help pay for the expenses like the illustrator, editors, etc. It’s not cheap to publish when you do it yourself. but why would anyone buy a book from an unknown author? Beats me but I keep trying. I am hoping to catch the eye of an agent or a publisher one day. Just do it…I’m at least staying busy and having fun.

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