Book Trailer Updates

After learning our new Windows Movie Maker software we managed to create and post two children’s book trailers on You Tube today. These videos were previously posted however they were bit lengthy. This time we shortened both videos to about one minute each to give just an overview of the book. We would appreciate feedback on our videos, pro or con, because at least then we would know somebody watched them. It’s very hard to get noticed. We did receive comments that people like the background music in the video so we are keeping it.

Check out Robby’s Quest for Seed

Check out Robby’s Quest: Ocean Bound

Our giveaway at Goodreads went very well. We had over 500 people sign up to win one of ten copies of Robby’s Quest for Seed. The contest ended last week and we shipped the books out Friday. We certainly hope all these people enjoy the book and maybe they will tell someone.

After giving the first book a new cover, both books came out pretty good. We are happy with their appearance. Especially Robby’s Quest: Ocean Bound. We were able to add several color illustrations to the inside of the book. Unfortunately this increased the manufacturing cost by $2.00. If we don’t sell any books we will probably have to remove the color pictures and go black and white. The eBook is still only $2.99

Robby’s Quest for Seed only has a few color illustrations in the eBook but the paperback only has black and white illustrations.  The first book introduces the reader to the characters so we do not have any plans to make any changes.

We were a little smarter this time around. We sent both manuscripts to an editor for proof reading and corrections. We were actually embarrassed with all the corrections we needed to make. But that’s how you learn.

We also gave the website a face lift after adding the second book. Check out the website here

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading,

Cathy Rush



About D.C. Rush Books Family Values - Lessons for Life

Don and Cathy Rush, Authors and Publishers of D.C. Rush Books. We currently have six books, Robby's Quest for Seed, Robby's Quest: Ocean Bound, Robby's Quest: Return of the Cat, Robby's Quest: Thrills and Chills, Hershey Learns a Lesson, and Adventures of Sammy the Dalmatian and Friends, available on eBook, Paperback and Audio Book. Visit our website at
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