Excerpt from our fourth book

Setting: As Robby the Robin and his friends stop off in L.A. for the day, they decide to visit an amusement park.

The birds flew towards the top of the ride. They split up and found two empty cars where they could sit next to each other and hold on to the railing with their feet. The Ferris wheel continued to turn.

Suddenly, people on the ground looked up to witness the incredible sight of nine birds sitting next to each other, riding a Ferris wheel. The birds didn’t realize that people from all over the park were taking pictures of them. Round and round they went until after several turns, the big Ferris wheel came to a stop.

“That was fun,” Joy said. The birds all nodded their heads in agreement. “How about something a little faster,” said Josie, pointing towards a very tall and fast roller coaster.

By now, Robby and the others craved more excitement. The group flew towards the front car of the roller coaster, slowly making its way to the top of a very high hill. The birds found an empty car where they could sit next to each other. All nine birds held on to the railing with their feet while holding their wings high in the air.

Just as Josie began to complain that the ride was boring, the car crept over the peak and began its descent, plummeting towards the earth at the bottom of the hill. The birds hung on for dear life, eyes as big as dimes. Joy and Josie were squealing with delight. Just as the birds managed to catch their breath, the car sped into a corkscrew then double-loop. Benny was unable to speak. He could only tremble. Robby was enjoying himself more than he could remember. Ricky was also having a ball. Benny was not a happy Blackbird.




About D.C. Rush Books Family Values - Lessons for Life

Don and Cathy Rush, Authors and Publishers of D.C. Rush Books. We currently have six books, Robby's Quest for Seed, Robby's Quest: Ocean Bound, Robby's Quest: Return of the Cat, Robby's Quest: Thrills and Chills, Hershey Learns a Lesson, and Adventures of Sammy the Dalmatian and Friends, available on eBook, Paperback and Audio Book. Visit our website at www.dcrushbooks.com
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One Response to Excerpt from our fourth book

  1. Janice Spina says:

    I like this fourth book. Kids will get a real kick out of birds riding a roller coaster! Good job!

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