Fall Time Fun – Guest Blog by Becky Cervantez

Fall is my favorite time of year. Even living in the desert, it brings a calmness and coolness to our little world with the change of the season. For us, it means birthdays, our anniversary, and Halloween, but for Abygail it means new adventures in the books for a toddling little 17 month old.

Patch 2 Patch 4 Patch 7 Patch smile

First, a visit to the pumpkin patch up north in Dewey, AZ. Mortimer Farms is a cute little place for the little ones to wander in amazement, see the petting zoo, and pick a pumpkin. There wasn’t a lot of activities for little Aby, but she was completely content in her favorite place, which is being outside. She wandered in circles, in no particular direction, enjoying the fresh air.

Patch 6 Patch 5

When it was time to leave we sent daddy off into the pumpkin patch to fetch us her very first pumpkin. I told him to keep it at an average size. I have never carved a pumpkin before so I didn’t want a huge mess for my first go at it. Apparently, in daddy’s eyes, an average pumpkin is 27 lbs!!! It weighed more then our daughter J To this day, as I type this, the pumpkin never got carved. It remains the main piece of my living room floor where Aby dances around it daily doing her “hot-dog dance”.

Patch 9  Patch 10  hallo 10

As Halloween approaches you can’t help but swoon over all the cute options for costumes for the little ones, but to keep in tune with her garden themed 1st birthday party over the summer, I came across a cute ladybug outfit for her, complete with wings to help keep her buzzing along. We planned to take her to my work to show off our little bug then over to cousin Wendy’s house for an early Mexican fiesta dinner and cap it off with a some candy fun with her cousins.

hallo 1  hallo 3

hallo 2  halloween 8  hallo 8

I silently stressed over how to approach the event of trick-or-treating. Little Abygail is at a very curious independent stage and keeping her safe while giving her freedom to explore is a constant struggle. Last year she was only 5 months old, so she was very content snuggled up in a stroller. However this year I knew that would not last. We decided to bring her pink “Car stroller” that she received as a birthday gift from her Aunt Cindy. She loves to be pushed around in it and beeps the horn. So I thought that would be a fun way to get her around…I was wrong…it lasted about 20 minutes. Thus, the cute little ladybug antenna’s turned into devil horns as we took turns chasing her the rest of the night.

hallo 11 hallo 12


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