Going To Try My Luck

A few months ago, I decided to try writing a mystery/crime thriller. The story is set in my home town of Kirtland, Ohio, a small rural Ohio city. Everyone knows everyone.  Four boys, all friends with each other, begin doing stupid pranks until they finally cross the line. After a local farmer dies suddenly, his two surviving daughters hold the boys responsible and vow revenge. One day, after learning all their identities and home addresses, the girls stalk and eventually capture the boys. Now, all four boys are living in their own private hell, and they don’t even know what they did wrong.

After the boys are kidnapped, the daughters have a difference of opinion on how to deal with the future of the boys. The oldest girl wants to kill them and dispose of the bodies and the youngest girl, wants to release them. The town is swelling with Police and FBI agents, frantically searching for the boys. Both girls are at odds. A chain of events may decide which girl wins the battle.

I’m maybe 1/2 finished with the book. It’s coming along very slow. Of course, I’ll probably just self-publish it because it’s nearly impossible to find an agent or a publisher. I’ll continue to update as I get closer to finishing, if I ever do!! Here are a few actual pictures of Kirtland. It really is a wonderful city with outstanding people.








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