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Brand New Year – Busy, Busy, Busy

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and happy & safe New Year. 2014 promises to be a very good year. The Grand Children are getting so big. Abygail had a chance to visit Minnesota and meet her cousins, Aubree and Rylie, and they posed for this cut little picture.


There are lots of things going for us this New Year. Here are a few of the projects we are working on.

As of January 1st, Publicist Geri Ahearns is working with us to help market Robby’s Quest for Seed. Geri will concentrate on each book for three months as she works her way through all our titles. We have very high hopes that Geri can help us get the word out about our children’s books.

We created a brand new website Click Here, complete with a new, modern design, PayPal shopping cart, illustration Slide Show and more. You can listen to samples from our Audio Books or watch all three Videos. Check out our Website, we love feedback!  

We finished writing our new book, Hershey Learns a Lesson. Hershey is a big bully and mean-spirited Cat who enjoys nothing more than picking on smaller animals. One day, Hershey finds that he needs help from the same animals he terrorizes. Hershey learns a lesson that may change him forever. This will be a picture book with several full-page illustrations provided by Daniela Frongia.

We also created a new Activity / Coloring Book. Visit the Website for more information. The book contains many sketches to color from all four books, word and maze games, crossword puzzles and more. The PDF file is FREE. Email us at for you free book or visit Createspace Click Here for the Paperback.

If you would like to view a sample chapter from one of our books, email us at and we will send you the sample PDF file.

I’m getting tired just reading about everything going on. Time for a break.

D.C. Rush (Don and Cathy) are authors and publishers of the Robby’s Quest Children’s Storybooks. Lessons for Life.

Visit us at

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New Children’s Book Cover

Here is the new picture book cover for “Hershey Learns a Lesson”, release date January 2014.

hersehy cover

Hershey is the villain from the Robby’s Quest children’s series. In the first book, Hershey is a mean-spirited cat and bully who is about to learn a lesson that will change him forever.

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Real Inspirations

Sometimes people ask why we write children’s books.  The short answer is, our grandchildren. It’s difficult to imagine, but only three years ago we didn’t have any grandchildren. Now we have three, Rylie, Abygail and Aubree. We actually completed the first book on the day Rylie was born, back in December 2010. Here is a picture of Rylie today, at his third birthday party, playing with the tool bench we sent to Minnesota. He is a very handsome boy.


Abygail and Aubree are less than two months apart in age. Abygail is six months old and Aubree is five months old. Becky spent the weekend in Minnesota with Tiffany for Rylie’s birthday. Here is Abygail enjoying her first time in the snow. Living in Arizona, she probably won’t see much of this.

ImageHere is a picture of Aubree, sitting like a little princess. Cathy and I have only had the chance to meet Aubree once so far, but hopefully we will get to Minnesota some time soon.

Image When the two girls are sitting together, it’s difficult to tell them apart. Here is a snapshot of the two cousins enjoying each other’s company for the very first time.


This is the reason we write children’s books. We want to leave something behind for our children and their children, and maybe, hopefully, some day our books will catch on and pass the test of time.

We are currently writing a picture book series about Hershey, the mean-spirited cat from the Robby’s Quest series. In the first book, Hershey is a bully who enjoys nothing more than picking on smaller animals. One day, Hershey learns a life-lesson that changes him forever. The first book will be titled “Hershey Learns a Lesson”. The book will not be nearly as lengthy as the Robby’s Quest books but they will have full page illustrations on every other page. We are really looking forward to publishing this book, hopefully in January 2014.

Don and Cathy are the authors and publishers of the Robby’s Quest children’s storybook series. Visit D.C. Rush Books, Lessons for Life at

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Hershey’s Picture Book Series

For those who read the first and third books in the Robby’s Quest children’s storybooks series, you might remember a rambunctious cat named Hershey. We received some very positive feedback about the Hershey character so we decided to write a picture book series dedicated to Hershey and his friends. In the first book, Hershey Learns a Lesson, Hershey is his normal nasty self, pouncing on smaller animals and creating havoc whenever he can. However, Hershey is about to learn a life lesson that may change him forever.

Here is the rough sketch for the book cover. Hershey Learns a Lesson will include several full-page color illustrations. We hope to publish this book early 2014.


Don and Cathy Rush (D.C. Rush) are the authors and publishers of children’s storybooks and picture books, lessons for life. Visit us at

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Storybook Series

These days I get frustrated very easy. I’m getting old and crabby. Some people would say I’ve been crabby for a long time. Probably true. I wonder about the strangest things anymore, for instance, since we have written and published a children’s book series, why do people buy the books in no particular order? One reason is that people might choose the books based on the covers they like. Another reason is we probably did not do a very good job identifying which books to read and in what order. Do all our books have to be read sequentially? Not really, it makes sense though because we began each new book where the previous book left off. Also some of the characters change from book to book. I really had hoped the customer would read them in order.

So to deal with my anxiety, we decided to publish a Storybook Series containing all four stories, in order. Now the customer can download the eBook Storybook Series, read the books in order and save money, plus I’m no longer crabby. What a deal! Please check out our new book, Robby’s Quest Storybook Series, available at 


Don and Cathy Rush (DC Rush) are authors and publishers of the Robby’s Quest children’s series, illustrated in color by Daniela Frongia, including Robby’s Quest for Seed, Robby’s Quest: Ocean Bound, Robby’s Quest: Return of the Cat and Robby’s Quest: Thrills and Chills. Visit our website at to read more about our stories and to view the many colorful illustrations. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

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Robby’s Halloween Friends

Halloween is a very special time for the children. I remember many years ago when we went trick or treating back in Northeast Ohio. Back then it was more about playing tricks. Tricks like throwing eggs or smashing pumpkins, I’m sorry now to admit to. However, we did manage to come home with some candy. Back in those days we received large candy bars, not the little tiny pieces of candy the kids bring home these days.


Since we have two new grand daughters, Abby and Aubree, plus our two year old grandson, Rylie, we decided to show some of their Halloween pictures along with some of Robby’s friends from around the country. Caution, some of the following costumes are terrifying. You have been warned!

I’ve never heard of a Zombie Cheerleader but sounds very scary to me. Ally can certainly star in the lead role of the movie.


After showing this scary picture, it’s only fair to show this beautiful Fairy Princess.  Halena certainly looks adorable in her princess outfit.


Baby Aubree is dressed as a Kitty Cat and her big brother Riley is a serious looking SWAT guy. Riley was there to protect his baby sister Halloween night. Isn’t she a cutie!

Image     Image

Baby Abby is dressed up as Hershey the Cat from Robby’s Quest: Return of the Cat. Even Hershey isn’t this adorable, although he certainly thinks he is.


Robert is dressed as a vicious Vampire. Such a pretty costume. Robert is seen here enjoying some of his candy.


Here is a very scary picture of Ruth, the Wicked Witch of the West. I’d be careful not to cross Ruth’s path, my pretties!


Last but not least we have two pictures of Jaden. The first picture is Jaden dressed in his Monkey costume and the second picture is Jaden after a very busy night collecting candy.

Image    Image

We hope all the children had a wonderful and exciting evening bringing home the loot. Kids, don’t forget to give Mom and Dad a couple pieces of candy for walking with you around the block.

Don and Cathy Rush (D.C. Rush) are authors and publishers of the Robby’s Quest children’s storybook series. Please visit our website for more information.

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